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Get to Know Criterium - Your Collaborative CRO


John Hudak started Criterium, Inc. in 1991 to fill the need for a more consistent, technology-based support of medical research. Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR), he created a new system for the real-time collection of patient diary data. This eliminated transcription errors ensuring accurate reporting.

Over the past decades, Criterium, Inc. has widened the use and scope of state-of-the-art technologies in order to connect all stakeholders to real-time data sources. In addition to IVR, these technologies include Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Interactive Web Response (IWR), and Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO). Obtaining data in real-time enables tighter control of studies, ensures cost-effectiveness, and adherence to timelines.

Over time, expansion into global markets in Canada, India, and South Africa, as well as partnerships in the EU, Russia, Australia and New Zealand created world-wide trial accessibility for clients and patients alike.

Successful FDA audits confidently provided sponsors with our established reputation of comprehensive capabilities.  Our expansion into Oncology Specialty Research Consortia groups in conjunction with major Universities and nationally recognized institutions, makes us the definitive research network in the United States and Canada, with premier qualified sites available instantly for recruitment.

CRITERIUM, Inc. (“CRITERIUM”), is a full-service contract research organization dedicated to providing efficiency and expertise in Clinical Trial Services to pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical device companies in clinical trial services to corporations, government agencies and non-government organizations throughout the world.