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International Reach

Get to Know Criterium - Your Collaborative CRO

Criterium Around the Globe

Criterium provides clinical trial services without borders. Our U.S. headquarters oversees our clinical trial services around the globe. With experienced multilingual staff in several countries, we provide services that are time- and cost-efficient. Our staff has experience and access to large patient populations in a broad range of therapeutic areas, and in many regions of the world, including: Israel, EU, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Mexico, North and South America, Asia-Pacific, India and South Africa. Our staff also has vast experience working in all trial phases, new chemical entities (NCEs), and generic products.

Our clinical trial monitoring team offers strong experience in healthcare, clinical research management, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, project management and monitoring functions – all to ICH-GCP standards.

Criterium’s innovative technologies, combined with the outstanding work ethic of its distinguished staff members in all its locations, provide unprecedented opportunities to exceed clients’ expectations.