AMYC: The Academic Myeloma Consortium


About Us

Academic Myeloma Consortium Value Proposition

The Academic Myeloma Consortium is a full service organization positioned to design, perform and analyze clinical trials with a focus on myeloma in Phase I, IB and Phase II clinical trials. Our trial program is a collaborative effort with the scientific support of our consortium investigators, who have demonstrated expertise in treating the disease and are translational research experts.

The Academic Myeloma Consortium centralized research team integrates coordinated project management, monitoring and data management, review and analysis. Master clinical trial agreements with each institution minimize time to contract execution and simplify finance, grant, and contract management for both the institutions and the sponsors. This highly effective infrastructure allows for rapid study development and start-up.

Our world class investigators and institutions were selected through a highly competitive process that focused on an exemplary combination of qualifications.

Each member institution was selected based on these attributes:

  • An established myeloma treatment program with infrastructure support

  • A demonstrated commitment to myeloma treatment, especially through community access and professional support

  • Outstanding and nationally recognized laboratory, treatment and research facilities

  • Clinicians with expertise in myeloma research and treatment

  • Ability to contribute to translational research endpoints

  • Principal Investigators who are renowned clinical research leaders

The Academic Myeloma Consortium offers an innovative and focused research model that facilitates sponsor decision making for the development of new myeloma drugs.