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As clinical research is an essential step for pharmaceutical companies, Israel has become a hub for clinical research opportunities, and is becoming known as an excellent arena in which to initiate trials. Israel has made significant theoretical and practical contributions to the biotechnology revolution and has developed an advanced infrastructure of medical and paramedical research as well as bioengineering capabilities. Biotechnology, biomedical, and clinical research account for over half of all scientific publications. The country’s industrial sector has increased its activities in the medical field to capitalize on its extensive knowledge base. All research resources are provided to local pharmaceutical companies and related institutions.

Israel Pharma Development
Globally competitive with excellent resources and talent

From the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013:
Israel is rated 1st in R&D expenditure as % of GDP 1
Israel is rated 1st in quality of scientific research institutions 2
The country’s main strengths remain its world-class capacity for innovation (3rd), which rests on highly innovative businesses that benefit from the presence of the world’s best research institutions geared toward the needs of the business sector. Israel’s excellent innovation capacity, which is supported by the government’s public procurement policies, is reflected in the country’s high number of patents (4th). Its favorable financial environment, particularly evident in the ease of access to venture capital (3rd), has contributed to making Israel an innovation powerhouse.

Knowledge and Skill
What sets Israel apart from other potential options? One of the major reasons associated with Israel becoming an excellent research option relates to its knowledgeable workforce. The number of doctors and/or scientists per capita is high within Israel. Global clinical research performed within the nation succeeds because of the proficient talent on hand. These doctors and scientists include some of the finest minds in the world. 6 Israelis in the last 10 years have been awarded Nobel Prizes in the fields of Economics or Chemistry.

One of the fastest growing technology businesses in Israel is life sciences, with over 1,000 companies exporting over $6 billion in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. One well-known Israeli invention is Given Imaging‘s Pillcam, which allows physicians to examine a patient’s gastrointestinal tract with a swallowable camera. The generic pharmaceuticals giant Teva has played an important role in lowering the price of many drugs, as well as bringing to market novel drugs such as Copaxone for multiple sclerosis.

Israel provides an excellent Pharma development environment
Israel provides an excellent Pharma development environment

FDA Recognition
Why is Israel an outstanding option for your pharmaceutical development? It may have something to do with the nation being recognized by the FDA for all related clinical trials and associated research. FDA clinical trials can be launched immediately in Israel. International companies are enthusiastic to join Israel’s rise as a place for global clinical research. World renowned companies are launching ventures to produce high-quality testing facilities within Israeli cities. All research and manufacturing takes place within these facilities. Interested companies have access to their well-regarded doctors aiming at progress and innovation.

Efficiency Creates Quality
Clinical research is successful when there is an organized, efficient set up to help support it’s functioning. Israel is a cohesive nation that is controlled under one national health program. This enables access to all citizens in the form of their identity cards. All clinical trials launched and established in Israel get off the ground quickly in comparison to other nations around the world. Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device companies are typically approached by Israel to conduct clinical trials within the nation for clinical trials ranging from cardiovascular diseases to neurodegenerative disease. International companies are able to run thorough, professional research trials in an organized manner. This efficiency is important for companies aiming to deliver top-quality results in a short period.

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