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Industry News: New study links gut microbiota strains with more severe strokes and poorer post-stroke recovery

A new study has identified strains of gut microbiota that are associated with more severe strokes and worse post-stroke recovery, revealing that the gut microbiome could be an important factor in stroke risk and outcomes.
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Industry News: Günenthal and NovaQuest enter agreement to advance the resiniferatoxin global Phase III program in osteoarthritis

The investigational medicine is being developed with the aim of providing patients suffering from pain associated with osteoarthritis with a well-tolerated, non-opioid therapy option that is intended to provide long-lasting pain relief and functional improvement of the affected joints.
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Industry News: New Study Shows DCT Methods Helped Lung Cancer Trial Enrollment as COVID Surged

Remote and flexible trial approaches have been a hallmark of clinical trials during the pandemic and are widely believed to have been the primary factor in keeping trials open and operating. There is evidence showing that such measures as telehealth visits, off-site diagnostic/monitoring procedures and remote consenting were at least partially responsible for the ability of lung cancer trials to weather the storm.
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Helping People with Cancer Manage their Health: Home-based Clinical Trial

A collaborative virtual clinical trial will study the effectiveness of two digital therapeutics. Both digital therapeutics are anticipated to have an impact on mental and physical health when used adjunctively with multidisciplinary oncology care regimens.
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Industry News: Mix-and-Match Trial Finds Additional Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Safe Immunogenic

In adults who had previously received a full regimen of any of three COVID-19 vaccines granted Emergency Use Authorization or approved by the FDA, an additional booster dose of any of these vaccines was safe and prompted an immune response, according to preliminary clinical trial results reported in The New England Journal of Medicine.
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PharmaVoice Interview with Dr. Peter Kabos, Director of the Academic Breast Cancer Consortium (ABRCC)

Watch this PharmaVoice One on One video interview to learn more about the latest in breast cancer research from Dr. Peter Kabos, Director of the Academic Breast Cancer Consortium and Assistant Professor in the Division of Medical Oncology at University of Colorado Cancer Center.
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