Criterium Expands Services to Canada

Full-service, Global Contract Research Organization (CRO) opens in Toronto

(February 2, 2009 – Toronto, ON, Canada) – Criterium, Inc., a full-service CRO is pleased to announce its newest global office located in Toronto! To mark the occasion new and existing clients receive a 15% discount on all services related to the Canadian market. Get To Know Us with this brief overview of Criterium’s expertise and abilities to successfully manage clinical trials and data monitoring needs.

We know resources are precious, time is the enemy, and results are paramount. Our user-friendly technologies are integrated into all aspects of our clinical development services for improved efficiencies. With a talented in-house staff, Criterium is committed to the professional support of clients’ individual and particular needs and underpins our processes for maximum outcomes.

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Through our Phase I-IV trial experience in 20 different therapeutic areas in many regions of the world — including the USA, Central & Eastern Europe, Mexico, South America, Asia-Pacific, India, and South Africa — Criterium has developed best practices to ensure the highest-quality delivery of results on time and on budget for clients

As part of our full-service capabilities, our unique approach to managing all aspects of the core asset of any clinical study — the data — is just one of the many factors that sets our teams of monitoring experts apart. We recognize the two major areas that most affect the workflow of clinical studies: how quickly the data come in and what happens with that information when it does arrive. To overcome these challenges, we changed the workflow paradigm by paying more attention to these data sets as they become available.

Criterium’s guiding credo: “Who we are, what we do, and how we do it” are centered on a dedicated service reputation and an uncompromising “always deliver” attitude.

For further information about our office in Canada, please contact:
Lawrence Reiter, Director, Global Affairs
110 Cumberland Street , Suite 415, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 3V5

Contact: Claire R. Wynters, Public Relations
(518) 583-0095

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