The Criterium Edge — Our Mission

At every stage of the process, it is Criterium’s mission to provide our clients, staff, consultants and sites an extraordinary experience, with integrity. Here’s how we do this:

  • Our staff: We build strong relationships with each other, as well as with clients’sites and consultants
  • Our clients: We help them to understand that openness and transparency let us accomplish their goals
  • Our sites: when we solicit realistic time and cost estimates for patient enrollment, we can all meet our goals
  • Our consultants and vendors: They have our loyalty because they perform on the same principles as we do

Based on these guiding principles, we therefore expect to maintain long, productive relationships with all our stakeholders.

Criterium’s proven formula for clinical trial success is based on the dedication of its executive management and project management teams, who pride themselves on delivering exceptional personal attention and services that connect, control, and communicate all of the elements — people, processes, and technologies involved in clinical trials and drug development.

Our experienced team members have confidence in our processes and our clients know that we ALWAYS DELIVER!


  • Full service means we do everything from initial study design to final clinical summary.
  • Every study is assigned to a dedicated multifunctional team reporting to an experienced project leader who is responsible for managing and coordinating each member’s activities.
  • Our CRAs have experience across all of the major therapeutic areas and have gone through GCP/ICH comprehensive training programs.
  • Medically qualified staff members are assigned to assist in each therapeutic area.
  • High-performing teams and partnerships that are built on high-trust relationships.
  • Monitors who are experienced professionals and who understand that while site selection is a key to executing a successful study, timely patient enrollment and valid clinical data are also critical to the results of each study.