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Dr. Matthew Milowsky joins Sam Chang in a discussion on the patient-reported outcomes from Cohort K of the EV-103 Phase 1b/2 study which analyzed the impact of enfortumab vedotin (EV) alone or combined with pembrolizumab on patients with locally advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma who were ineligible for cisplatin. The objective was to describe the impact on the patients’ quality of life (QoL), functioning, and symptoms.

The combination of EV and pembrolizumab demonstrated an objective response rate of 64.5%, whereas EV monotherapy had an objective response rate of 45.2%. The quality of completion rates for questionnaires at baseline was ≥84% through Week 24. Patients who received the combination of EV and pembrolizumab showed improvement or preservation of QoL and functioning scale scores. Clinically meaningful improvements in pain, insomnia, and constipation were seen, and worst pain improved at Week 24.

Watch the PharmaVoice One on One video interview below to learn more about the latest in Gastrointestinal Cancer research from Dr. Wells Messersmith, Director of the Academic GI Cancer Consortium and Division Head of Medical Oncology at the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

Watch the PharmaVoice One on One video interview below to learn more about the latest in Thoracic Oncology research from Dr. D. Ross Camidge, Director of the Academic Thoracic Oncology Medical Investigators Consortium and Director of Thoracic Oncology at the University of Colorado.

Watch this PharmaVoice One on One video interview to learn more about the latest in breast cancer research from Dr. Peter Kabos, Director of the Academic Breast Cancer Consortium and Assistant Professor in the Division of Medical Oncology at University of Colorado Cancer Center.

The Oncology Consortia of Criterium present short video lectures on the current state of cancer research progress across indications. Click here to access this publication.
The Oncology Consortia of Criterium present short video lectures on the current state of cancer research progress across indications. Click here to access this publication.
Follow this link ( to CME and ABIM MOC-Accredited Audio and Video Programs presented by Neil Love, MD (with Research To Practice in Miami, FL), featuring guest lecturer D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD, Director, ATOMIC.


In this podcast, host D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD, of the University of Colorado, sits down with Joshua Bauml, MD, executive medical director at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson, to discuss the transition from academia to industry, reasons for the move, expectations for the future, and more.

The IASLC Targeted Therapies Meeting has historically been a very interactive, fast-paced meeting that highlights the latest and most innovative anticancer drugs, initially focused on targeted agents but in recent years, extending to immunotherapy.

In this Lung Cancer Considered podcast hosts Dr. Narjust Duma and Dr. Stephen Liu lead a wide-ranging discussion of the meeting with three lung cancer experts who attended the meeting:

    • Dr. Lecia Sequist is a thoracic medical oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Landry Family Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, the Director of the Center for Innovation in Early Cancer Detection and a board member of the IASLC.
    • Ivy Elkins was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in Dec 2013 as a healthy 47-year-old, Ivy was found to have an EGFR mutation and has spent the years since her diagnosis educating herself and advocating for herself and those within the lung cancer community.  Ivy is a patient advocate and co-founder of the EGFR Resisters Lung Cancer Patient Group.

TalkBiz 360 and the CNN Airport Network caught up with John Hudak and stole 3 minutes from his travel schedule to talk about the notable business activity of his Global CRO:

Listen to this 3 minute podcast on how John sees his agile CRO’s effectiveness in the global marketplace:

    • What you can focus on NOW to streamline your clinical trials
    • John’s unique POV on global Pharma development’s market issues

We think John’s multi-decade experience in the pharma development business speaks volumes — but today you only need to take 3 minutes to hear how to do it “right”.

When looking for Pharmaceutical research and clinical trial expertise –
few know more about it than John Hudak:

Listen to this insightful podcast on Criterium’s 20+ years in the trenches:

    • What’s ahead for Pharma biz in the next decade
    • Global expansion opportunities as access to foreign markets opens up
    • Applied technology to streamline trials

Walk away with knowledge that you can apply TODAY to immediately improve your trials and outcomes.

What is your CRO hearing when you talk? Are you communicating what you really need?

Listen to this short podcast on best practices for your Site-and-CRO relationships:

    • Learn 3 secrets for Site-and-CRO relationship inprovement
    • Learn the 1 simple thing you can do NOW to get your CRO to HEAR your needs

Walk away with easy to apply actions that you can do TODAY to immediately improve how your Site and CRO communicate. All before you even finish your coffee!

How can science afford to continue to pursue new development in a slugglish global economy? Criterium offers these ideas about science and it’s role in transforming that economy.

We know that science has transformed society over and over again throughout history.

Listen to this valuable podcast on why science has the capability to be the “long pole in the tent” of the new economy in the 21st century.

What is the full role and benefit of having Clinical Data Liasons?

Listen to this short podcast on understanding the benefits the paradigm shift of clinical trial workflow management using a CDL:

    • Make efficient use of limited resources
    • Centralize your data review process
    • Do data review in real-time from IVR-EDC-FAX

Know EXACTLY what an effective CDL does and how to make more efficent use of limited time money and personnel!

Different data collection methods have different strengths.  Do you use the best methodology to review data quickly from the field to get the best feedback from sites?

Listen to this short podcast on best technology choices for your clinical trials:

    • Act on data IMMEDIATELY as it becomes available
    • Improve patient compliance, streamline the study

Agile use of the right technology for the right data collection process allows trials to move smoothly from start to finish.