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Client Services

Get to Know Criterium - Your Collaborative CRO

Criterium prides itself on providing personalized, high-quality, schedule-compliant, and cost-effective services to its clients. The involvement of our management does not stop when the contract is signed; our senior managers and business development teams are available to clients 24/7. This access allows for very rapid decision-making.

Criterium has experience with a wide variety of clinical trial project stakeholders at all levels and across various types of organizations. Each member of the Criterium team is committed to learning and understanding clients’ needs. By anticipating problems before they affect our clients, we can ensure that all jobs are done on time, correctly, and to a standard of excellence that exceeds client expectations.

We are happy to supply a list of sponsor referrals upon request.

Below is a partial list of the client clinical services Criterium provides:

  • Annual reports and summaries
  • Audit, lock, and transfer final database
  • Biostatistics
  • Budget management and tracking
  • Central query generation and resolution
  • Clinical program development
  • CRF design and development
  • Database design and development
  • Double-key entry
  • Drug accountability
  • Electronic edit check development
  • Enrollment tracking
  • FaxForm design and development
  • In-house computer-assisted data review
  • Investigators meetings
  • IRB qualification
  • IVR script design and application development
  • Medical coding
  • Medical writing
  • Multiple data input and export formats
  • On-site monitor and regulatory training
  • Protocol development
  • QA audits
  • QA conducted to FDA/ICH standards
  • Site selection
  • Site survey qualification
  • Study closeout procedures
  • Study initiation and monitoring
  • Translational Science Research
  • Visit and CRF tracking
  • Web-enabled forms design and development