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CORE Science Solutions

Specialty CNM Service Offerings

A Centralized Network Model (CNM): A Group of Independent Sites Functioning as One Synchronized Entity

Since 1991, CSS’ parent company Criterium, has operated as a complete services CRO. While we maintain a site database registry of over 3200 individual listings of PI’s and study locations across multiple therapeutic areas, we also manage oncology consortia in specific therapeutic indications.

Because sponsors sometimes have preferred provider arrangements with CRO’s, and want to work with the consortia we have organized, our subsidiary CORE Science Solutions (CSS) provides a centralized network model (CNM) to CRO, biotech, pharma and medical devices companies.

Clients significantly reduce their time and resources needed to evaluate and qualify a site or Principal Investigator, because we only present sites that meet study needs. We assign a Project Manager to a study to assist with early centralized communication. This increases efficiency by reducing the time typically spent answering repetitive site generated questions – the increase in efficiency is significant.

Criterium’s CSS CNM Consulting & Specialty Management Services Advantages:

  • Provide multiple, quality sites with one phone call
  • Monthly consortia meetings to discuss active trials
  • Network of affiliated institutions that have worked with us
  • Design and conduct Translational studies
  • Manage and conduct multi-center investigator-initiated trials
  • Conduct Phase I through Phase IV studies
  • Maintain large database of highly skilled, experienced and enthusiastic investigators in a variety of oncology indications
  • Provide and assist with wide-scale coverage
  • Provide access to large patient populations with cultural diversity
  • Provide efficient and centralized contract and budget negotiation and completion
  • Standardized contracts with member institutions
  • Standardized contracts with affiliated institutions
  • Consistent budgets for all enrolled institutions
  • Conduct inpatient and outpatient studies
  • Maintain strong working relationships with local and central IRB’s and laboratories
  • Maintain established and stable relationships with large public, private and military institutions
  • Maintain a track record of consistently meeting or exceeding enrollment goals
  • Provide aggressive patient recruitment program to support local site’s own efforts
  • Provide member sites with proven ability to successfully conduct even the most challenging of studies
  • Maintain stable, effective and mutually beneficial working relationships with member and affiliated sites

High level of expertise & high-value technology for every trial

Clinical Development tailored to each client’s needs

Seamless interfacing with ancillary support technologies