Criterium, Inc. Marks 30th Anniversary of Delivering Exceptional Personal Attention and Services for All Clinical Trial Elements

Full-Service Contract Research Organization Continues to Provide Cutting-Edge Research Model with Its Oncology Consortia
John Hudak, MBA
John M. Hudak, President and Founder

Criterium, Inc. a full-service contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to providing efficiency and expertise in Clinical Trial Services to pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical device companies throughout the world, celebrates its 30th anniversary.

“Over the past 30 years, Criterium’s mission has been to provide all our stakeholders — clients, staff, consultants, sites — with an extraordinary experience; our proven formula for clinical trial success is based on the dedication of our executive management and project management teams,” says John Hudak, MBA, President and Founder of Criterium.
Mr. Hudak started Criterium on January 31, 1991, to fill the need for more consistent, technology-based support of medical research. Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR), he created a new system for the real-time collection of patient diary data, retrospective diary competition to ensure more accurate, time-stamped reporting.

Since then, Criterium has widened the use and scope of state-of-the-art technologies in order to connect all stakeholders to real-time data sources. In addition to IVR, these technologies include Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Interactive Web Response (IWR), Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) and Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment (eCOA). Obtaining data in real time enables tighter control of studies, adds credibility to the data entered and ensures cost-effectiveness and adherence to timelines.

Criterium has expanded into global markets in Canada, India, and South Africa and forged partnerships in the EU, Russia, Australia and New Zealand to create international trial accessibility for clients and patients alike. And its expansion into Oncology Specialty Research Consortia groups, a collaboration of outstanding cancer research physicians in conjunction with major universities and nationally recognized institutions, makes Criterium the definitive research network in the United States and Canada, with premier qualified sites available instantly for recruitment. “We are on the forefront of the best improvements for cancer treatment in decades — due in no small part now to our advancing ability to assess, modify and reduce the inherent toxicities in previous cancer treatments — and therefore improve quality of life and increase significant survival for our patients: the treatment is no longer as dangerous as the disease,” says John S. “Jack” Macdonald, M.D., Senior Advisor & Consultant for Criterium’s Oncology Consortia. ” This is the heart and soul of what we have been striving to accomplish.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of our employees’ contributions to creating a significant impact on the industry and our partners’ research programs over the past 30 years,”  Mr. Hudak concludes.


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