AMyC presence at the 2011 ASH meeting

May 15, 2012

The Academic Myeloma Consortium (AMyC) was present at the December 2011 ASH meeting. The Consortium is part of the CORE Science Solutions (CSS) group of Consortia focused on collaborating with pharmaceutical and biotech companies on the development of drugs to treat myeloma. CSS is part of the Criterium Inc. group of companies.

An AMyC investigator meeting was held during ASH to discuss the trials planned and underway in AMyC. The meeting was led by Dr. Brian G.M. Durie, Medical Director of AMyC.

About AGICC and AMyC
The CSS GI Cancer Consortium and Myeloma Consortium provide expertise and innovative solutions for the rapid start-up and completion of complex cancer trials with translational endpoints. These consortia bring together the highest quality institutions and pharmaceutical sponsors to use the best possible data in the fastest way possible, to facilitate and speed the decision-making process in drug development.

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