Best Practices Series: Communicating with Sites – Know What We Know

We asked two of our top CRA?s, Ed J. and Jaime H. to weigh in on the subject of ?Best Practices for Communicating with Sites?.? Here?s what they had to say in a nutshell:?

Ed:? First of all, sites are our most important asset.? Sites are valued customers for any CRO.? Maintaining good relations with sites helps achieve a win-win situation, ensuring timely patient recruitment and reliable quality data.?

Jaime:? To me, having a positive relationship with the sites is priceless.? Both sides will benefit greatly.? The sites need the CROs to help them manage the data.? It?s crucial to maintain open lines of communications so that you get all the data that you request.


Ed:? We rely on our?sites to take an active interest in each study protocol to be involved in and be knowledgeable of all the procedures and requirements.? This is extremely time consuming, even the smallest mistake can have a huge consequence.? We place enormous pressure on our sites to recruit and perform and without our support, without good relations, we run the risk of creating negativity.? A strong association ensures a good communication and responsiveness.? It?s a two-way street.? It should be just as good from the site?s point of view as it is from ours.?

Maintaining pleasant but professional relationships with sites is one of the first important steps of being a CRA.? Without a good pleasant relationship, you lose the personal connection with your site.? CRAs have to straddle the line between serving the sponsor and still understanding the site?s interests.? CRAs can sometimes be perceived as individuals coming from big pharma companies with an attitude that says we?re in charge.? This can set a negative tone which makes working with sites much more difficult.? It?s important for everyone to recognize their respective expertise.? Sites are experts in their field and CRAs are experts in?theirs.? Together they make a strong study team.?

Jaime_thJaime:? I agree with that.? The respect has to be mutual.? If the CRA treats the site in a friendly, relaxed and professional manner, you?ll likely get the same attitude back from the site.? The study coordinators are the main focus as they do pretty much the bulk of the work.? It?s crucial to treat them with the same respect that you?re entitled to, to ensure they?ll be happy to assist you when you need something.

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