Healio Honors in Medical Oncology: D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD, University of Colorado

Recognized by: Tejas Patil, MD, University of Colorado

D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD
D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD

Dr. Camidge is, in many ways, a doctor of “firsts.” His discoveries in the clinic and insights into lung cancer have been the spark for thousands of patients and hundreds of other physicians, scientists, and pharma companies to then explore in their own lives and work. Every year since 2017, Dr. Camidge has been internationally recognized as a Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researcher (top 1% of all authors in clinical medicine) and at the World Expert level for Lung Cancer (top 0.0043%). He has personally advised on lung cancer patients across 40 different states and 33 different countries. He has collaborated with pharma on leading or contributing to the accelerated and full approval of multiple targeted therapies and precision medicine indications in lung cancer. His work on ALK, ROS1 and MET positive disease, starting with the phase I trials of the first targeted agents, has helped to identify and transition several aggressive subtypes of lung cancer into chronic conditions with a prognosis in years or even decades. Beyond the development of new drugs, the discoveries that he and his team have made have changed the standard of care for lung cancer patients (and other cancer patients) in multiple other ways. With improvements in life expectancy of many lung cancer patients, he has championed reframing the public narrative of what it means to have lung cancer, working closely with patient advocacy organizations worldwide.

Most recently, he highlighted practical approaches for young female patients with advanced lung cancer to still pursue paths to motherhood (Simons et al, 2023). Nationally recognized by Claremont University as an “exemplary mentor in the positive development of junior colleagues in the profession,” he set up the Academic Thoracic Oncology Medical Investigators’ Consortium (ATOMIC) in 2013. ATOMIC now includes 16 US and Canadian institutions facilitating multi-site investigator-initiated trials and providing significant opportunities for active cross-site mentorship. He is the current co-chair of the Elsevier ClinPath (formerly VIA) Oncology Lung Cancer Pathways Committee and a past member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Lung Cancer Committee. He has received numerous awards including, in 2012, the Bonnie J. Addario International Lectureship Award for which he was credited as a “luminary in the quest to eradicate lung cancer.” In 2013, he became the first physician to receive the Hank Baskett Sr. Spirit Award, for which he was credited as being “one of the leading minds in lung cancer today.” In 2016, the Lung Cancer Foundation presented him with the Breath Away From The Cure Award describing him as “simply one of the best in treating lung cancer today.”

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