Industry News: Smallest Ever Custom mmWave Sensor Designed for Non-Invasive Glucose and Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Company was granted a new U.S. patent for the sensor’s architecture that will enable accurate and cost-effective health monitoring in future medical devices

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Movano Inc., has successfully validated the functionality of its patented system-on-a-chip (SoC). At 4 mm x 6.7 mm, the SoC combines multiple antennas and a variety of frequencies in the smallest ever radio frequency (RF)-enabled integrated circuit (IC) designed specifically for blood pressure or glucose monitoring systems. Movano built the integrated sensor from the ground up in an effort to achieve an unprecedented level of precision in health monitoring and has invested four years into this novel non-invasive sensor technology.

The majority of current wearables on the market use off-the-shelf optical sensors, whereas Movano has created a fully integrated mmWave sensor because the standard approach cannot deliver the level of accuracy, flexibility of form factor or cost. RF offers the opportunity for increased accuracy in health monitoring across a broader population because it is not affected by different skin pigmentation, as can be the case with optical sensors. In addition, this solution is fabricated using the latest processes in semiconductor technology, meaning the size can be smaller and the materials more cost-effective – giving greater flexibility in the design of future medical devices and to offer a solution that’s affordable, to reach a larger, more diverse population

This represents the culmination of a massive undertaking, to shrink its multi-chip architecture from four ICs into a single integrated sensor. Alongside this milestone, the Company was granted a new patent.

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