Industry News: Study Reveals Comedy, AI, and Self-Care Can Quickly Boost Patient Mental Health

Mental health imageDramatic Reduction in Depression, Stress, and Anxiety Reported

In just eight weeks during the pandemic, women living with advanced cancer, ages 31 to 74, reported feeling more empowered, and less depressed, stressed, and anxious while using artificial intelligence to create personalized self-care plans infused with comedy and other relaxation techniques.


  • Depression Decreased 18.1%: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
  • Perceived Stress Decreased 15.1%: Perceived Stress Scale-10
  • Anxiety Decreased 9.7%: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
  • Self-Efficacy Increased 7.6%: New General Self-Efficacy Scale

Assessments: Baseline, Four and Eight Weeks

All 31 patients enrolled at the midway point completed this study. This retention rate is remarkable because the women were dealing with life-threatening metastasis, chemo, relationship and/or financial issues during the pandemicParticipants were offered many relaxation tools, including 17 fun mindset videos.

Women from 10 countries and 24 states signed-up. The American Association for Cancer Research’s “Leading Discoveries” publication acknowledged The Mindset and Metastatic Cancer Study as “innovative and exciting.” The results suggest delivering therapeutic comedy and other relaxation strategies, remotely, present a scalable approach to supporting mental health in a quick, affordable way, with few time constraints.


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