Quick Takes: the Pharma C-Suite with John Hudak, President Hudak-President

john hudak quote_325We have successfully conducted trials for over 20 years – since 1991.
Criterium?s mission to provide our clients, staff, consultants and sites an extraordinary experience, with integrity.

Our focus, for every client, is simple, and we mean it:? Provide Quality Solutions.? Reduce Costs.? Accelerate Timelines.? It?s the root of our business philosophy.? We respond very quickly to clients from their first contact with us for a bid proposal to every aspect of the projects we win.? Every single person on our staff is aware of these company directives and works towards them.? This is a very real, daily, activity for us, not just words.? When I look ahead at the next twenty years, I am enthusiastic about what lies ahead in this field and committed to establishing better and more efficient ways to support drug development, to cut costs and to improve technology resources directly related to these initiatives.

We offer the broadest range of services in our market niche, because we CAN.? We have staff from all aspects of clinical research experience?? that allows us to do that.? It?s a unique mix of incredibly bright and dedicated people ? I am very fortunate to have them.? As a medium-sized CRO we can be more agile, and have the advantages of moving more quickly than the larger, leviathan CRO?s, starting and completing trials more efficiently, and giving clients a much more personalized, one-on-one experience. Our unique technology-based paradigm allows us to respond to sponsor needs in specific detail and to deploy trials rapidly throughout the world for fast, successful trials.

Our clients are among the top 10 pharma companies to small venture capitalized biotechnology and new formulation companies. They are USA domestic and they are also based in Europe, Israel and Asia. We have worked with generic companies when they need to have bioequivalence studies with clinical endpoints done.? We have a satisfied client list as varied as the therapeutic areas in which we have experience.? Our personalized service experience and ?Get to Know Us!? philosophy has proven to serve our clients well.?

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John HudakThu, 17 Jan 2013 22:45:00 GMT

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