Translational Science for Cancer Research – The Consortia Model

Cancer Exploration for the New Millennium

What advantage does a clinical consortia group have over regular trial groups when it comes to innovative cancer treatments???In some important ways, through Translational Science methodologies. The most important conceptual difference between the classical clinical trial and the Consortia approach is that the Consortia model, with its highly experienced clinical scientists, is involved on an intellectual advisory level with every step of clinical investigation in a cancer study. ?Classical clinical trials groups most often have patient accrual as their most substantive role.
cancer-attackA Consortia can readily interface translational science with clinical outcomes and can show the value of translational science to a positive outcome of regulatory approval process and is critical to the Consortia?s contribution to research projects. ?Consortia institutions have the capability to collect tissue and have access to labs to analyze and interpret data. Consortia sites have been selected for their access to patients with specific diseases and for their ability to enroll such patients on clinical trials.

Here’s why: The discipline of clinical and translational science encompasses a broad spectrum of research, extending from basic discoveries with implications for human health to community-based epidemiologic and health services studies. The unifying theme is a commitment to apply scientific methodologies to address a health need. SCTS (The Society for Clinical and Translational Science) defines it as:? “…a multi-dimensional, cross-cutting discipline that encompasses multidisciplinary investigative teams from many different subspecialty areas. Moreover, success in clinical and translational science commonly requires constructive partnerships with industry, granting agencies, public health agencies, and regulatory agencies.”

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