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About the Academic Myeloma Consortium (AMyC)

Collaboration & Innovation in Cancer Research

Dedicated to Research that Advances Myeloma Treatment
What is the Academic Myeloma Consortium?

The Academic Myeloma Consortium is an innovative and focused full service research model that has combined expertise in carrying out the operational components of oncology clinical research with a group of key opinion leaders in myeloma treatment and translational research.

Our Mission:
  • Dedication to research that advances myeloma treatment
Our Vision:
  • To identify new agents and combinations which can change the treatment paradigm for myeloma
Our Objectives:
  • Foster a collaborative environment for the development of innovative and strategic trials
  • Support these trials from concept to completion with an experienced operational team
  • Produce rapid trial results, facilitating go/no-go decisions for new treatments in myeloma
  • Leverage our translational expertise to reach measurable and definitive endpoints